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Telling Your Story

Getting the most out of corporate events

Businesses and organizations are finding themselves playing host to a growing number of live corporate events and gatherings.

At these high profile events companies might launch new management initiatives or celebrate corporate achievements, or they might gather associates or corporate partners together to take part in workshops, seminars or other forums where ideas and concepts are shared.

These events and gatherings are significant undertakings for a business or organization. Often the success of the initiative or the maintenance of a crucial corporate relationship is directly linked to the success of the event.

Recently, the Campos Group video team has been asked by some of our best clients to record and document their corporate events and forums, and to take the footage and edit it into video packages that have multiple usages and target audiences.

The raw footage shot at these events can vary from as little as three hours for a corporate celebration, to as much as twenty hours for a forum that takes place over the course of an entire weekend.

However, what is essential for our clients is the ability of the Campos Group video team to take the available footage and effectively edit it, “boil it down”, so that it becomes an effective communication tool.

Our clients tell us that these videos have become invaluable in communicating their corporate goals and objectives not only to their employees and associates but also to prospective clients and customers.

Conveniently, these video productions can be placed on corporate websites in the form of streaming video, duplicated onto VHS cassette for use in a conventional VCR, or burned to DVD for use on any computer or laptop.

These packages are just another way for the Campos Group to help you tell your story by building the communication tools your business or organization needs.

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